Student feedback summer 2012

My lessons at KEW Tuition are better than the tuition I used to go to.  I really enjoy my lessons, they are really good.  I would recommend it to a friend or close family relative.  Hannah year 6

I think KEW tuition has helped me so much to get high levels and improve my standards in math and English.  I also think that this year has been the most exciting year in Preston Park’s Saturday tuition.  Tuition has been excellent and wonderful, it has really helped me and other children in the class so i want to thank the staff for having me.  Saiera year 6

At KEW Tuition I have learnt Many things that I didn’t know before I came here.  It is fun here, so I would invite more to come.  Zarina year 4

At KEW Tuition I have learnt a lot of new things like factors.  Its really fun, i think the teachers are really good.  Mubarak year 4

KEW Tuition is good, fun, the teachers are brilliant and funny.  Sujita year 1


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