Feedback 2015

I would like to thank all the staff at Kew Tuition for helping Reannah achieve amazing progress and success in her Year 6. The tutors have put in so much effort to ensure she understands and spent all the time she needed to get the results she wanted. We are so grateful to all the staff of Kew Tuition at Preston Park Primary School and would highly recommend them. From the  manager to the receptionist and all the tutors, the safe environment and the trust in all aspects have been brilliant – Thank you very much.           Mrs Rodrigues

Excellent SATs and end of term Results..  some areas in English to work on i.e. spellings and grammar.  Maths areas to improve are presentation and showing of working out.
Overall I am happy with her standard and look forward to her continuous improvement. Mrs Joseph

Miruna has an outstanding ability in math and develop beautiful hand writing. Mrs Viziteu

Teachers are really friendly, excellent tuition for the children, they really enjoyed it here.  The children attended over 5 yrs.  Ms Patel

The learning enviroment is congenial. My daughter us happy to come here to do her lessons, and she looks forward to it every week.  Mr Govia

Happy to hear good news about all my children getting good progress and good, thanks.   Mr Ismail

I am please with my child progress  for the past year.  I have seen improvements in confidence and understanding. Mr Griffiths





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